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Saturday, February 13, 2010

MTV Motivates Me

Ryan and I had a pretty interesting conversation today that went something like this:

Me: (Super excited after getting off the scale and feeling skinny) Hey Ryan, do you think I look any skinnier?

Ryan: (After a long pause) I can't really tell.

Thanks babe. He did follow it up with a 'but you look really good' but at that point I wasn't really listening.

Today was my long run of 5 miles, so by around 2:00 I had convinced myself to head to the gym. Luckily the place was deserted, so I had my pick of the treadmills. I was very excited to get my favorite one that has great fan on it. And, I got even luckier when there was a 16 & Pregnant marathon on MTV of episodes that I hadn't seen before. I got so in to it that I ended up running an extra mile. At that point I was a little tired, so I texted Ryan to have him dvr the rest of them.
Is anyone else excited about the season premiere next week? I heard that one of the teen's is from my home town.

I really love MTV for shows like this, even though I'm probably not their target audience. I started thinking this after I had seen about a million acne commercials. What other station can give you great shows like this and Jersey Shore?

anyways, I'm off to buy my Valentine's day present. We agreed that was a good deal this year. Not romantic really, but we both end up happy! Ryan got tickets to the NY Rangers which we'll go see tomorrow, and I am getting a fabulous new pair of shoes!


Anonymous said...

You don't need to lose weight. You look fine the way you are.

mollie said...

Thanks...but I'd like to get back to my college weight. Just want to get in shape!

Anonymous said...

yay for Valentine's shoes!sounds like a good gift to me.
I added your link to my blog roll like you asked. Don't forget about me :)

mollie said...

Thanks runningwithsass! I added you to mine. Happy Valentine's Day!

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