I wanna be a lot of things, and for now, it's a runner.
This is my story as I train for the 2010 Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Just a Friendly Reminder

I'm officially in the process of becoming a Bringhurst! I guess technically I've been in this process since last July when Ryan proposed, but yesterday we went to City Hall to apply for a marriage license. We will go back in 2 weeks to make it official, then off to Kentucky for the actually ceremony. I'm getting so excited.

I'm actually excited for my 14 mile run this weekend. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm starting to prefer these long runs over the short ones. They are more satisfying. I'm hoping that it will rain again this weekend so that it's cool and the ground is wet. It's more fun to run in!

Just as a reminder, I'm still working towards my $500 goal for Joints in Motion. I'm going to steal a line from the panhandlers that I listen to on the subway everyday and say that 'every penny, nickel, dime, or quarter will help', but I prefer bills! Actually, I will take anything that you're willing to donate and it really does go for a great cause. I'm also pretty sure it's tax deductible so you can stick it to Uncle Sam come next April.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy run and super sore muscles

In preparation for my big run of 12 miles yesterday, I updated my workout playlist. A few songs that I could no longer tolerate got removed and replaced with some new ones. I added Empire State of Mind, and Mercy, which coincidentally is what I'm begging for now because of all of my extremely sore muscles.

It was raining yesterday and initially I was really dreading it. About a mile into it I thought there was absolutely no way I was going to be able to accomplish it. But then I decided to go off my normal loop and run all new paths in the park. It helped to distract me because I never knew what I was going to see next or where I would end up. With each declaration from my iPhone that another mile had been completed, I got a little more motivated, and little more confident.

Since it was a rainy day, there weren't hardly any food vendors out in the park. Usually there's one every few feet, but they were very scarce. I came upon one at mile 3, but wasn't thirsty yet, so I didn't stop. Once I reached mile 6 though, I was ready for my Poland Spring, but worried because there were no vendors in site. My run was now all about navigating my self back to the vendor I had seen earlier. Finally, after an extra mile of running, I found him. Water has never tasted so good.

This run was a great time for me to reflect on things because I was spending so much time with just myself. I ran past a group of high school students that looked like they were on a school trip. It made me think back to the first time I got to come to New York, my senior year of high school. Made me think about how I fell in love with the place, posing in front of limos pretending they were mine and buy NYPD sweatshirts. It really made me feel proud, because I had loved this place so much and it was my goal to get here and I did. I found a great job, a great apartment, and I have a great soon to be husband, so life worked out pretty well for me so far. That reminder to myself, that I'm a strong person that accomplishes what I set out for, may just give me the extra confidence I need to finish my training strong and finish this marathon.

I'm proud of myself and I don't feel intimidated as much by the goal I have in front of me.

Friday, April 23, 2010

America's Got Talent

I won't be so melodramatic to say that the NFL Draft ruins my life, but wow is it boring.

The night started on the right path. Ryan and I left work early (!) and hustled home. We had tickets to go see a taping of America's Got Talent and had to be there by 6:00. I was able to convince Ryan to take the dogs out so that I could scarf down a delicious sandwich. Ryan was his hokey pokey self and took forever to get ready (and I thought I had ADD...). Anyways, so we're dressed in our TV appropriate attire and rush out the door, hop into a cab, and are on our way. Except in New York, traffic doesn't always move at the speed you want it to. After 15 minutes we had gone 6 blocks and wasted 10 bucks, still 16 blocks from where we needed to be. We decided to walk it. My TV appropriate attire included 4.5 inch stilettos that were NOT made for walking 16 blocks at a swift pace. By the time we made it to our destination, the bottoms of my feet were raw and felt on fire. They hurt so bad that I had to continually shift my weight back and forth from each, resulting in what looked like a pee-pee dance.

We took our place in a line that wrapped down 34th street, up 9th avenue, and back across 35th street. There we stood for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, then finally an hour. After that much time and only being halfway there, I called mercy and we took a cab back home. $20, an hour, and super sore feet later we returned back home where the NFL Draft was promptly turned on, except this time it was Ryan that was confined to the bedroom forced to watch it streaming online. Then somewhere along the way I ran out of DVR shows and ran into plenty of boredom. I have to be constantly entertained or I fall asleep, which is what happened. When I woke up, NFL Draft was back on the big screen. We will be at Radio City itself bright and early tomorrow morning to watch the third round of the draft. My money says that I'll last 2 hours before calling it a day. (I have just been informed that we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow and that I should go asleep. I don't know why. I don't have to be that coherent to read my Nook during the draft. I learned this move from my mother who is notorious for taking books with her to all of the baseball games she goes to with my dad.)

I hope that my feet heal by tomorrow for my big run. I'm not sure that Sharon Osbourne and all of America's talent was worth all of that.

PS- I did get a run in last night at 10:00 when I took my dogs out. Between the 2 of them, we did 4.57 miles!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Lesson About City Life

For those of you that have never lived in an apartment building, I envy you. You probably run around your house, loving all of your extra space, maybe even doing cartwheels in your living room just because you can. I on the other hand, live in a shoe box. Yes, I chose to live in this rather expensive shoe box, and now I get all of the joys that go with it. Case in point: I am currently confined to the bedroom because tonight is the NFL Draft, as well as tomorrow and apparently Saturday. I've been forced to watch the finale of 16 and Pregnant on my laptop because our DVR is commandeered by Ryan for the evening.

I believe that New York apartments were built with absolutely no insulation to drown out the noise of your neighbors. In Brooklyn we had neighbors that I lovingly deemed the 'wife beater' because nearly every night you felt like you were in their living room, as the man screamed and screamed. If physical violence ever took place, I'm not completely sure, but I was closer to it than I cared to be. Oh ghetto of Brooklyn, how I miss you!

Then there's our apartment in the city. Most of the people in the building are fairly quiet, minus the birds that chirp loudly by the stairs and the person that plays the piano (how do you even get a piano into an old apartment building like this?). I'm too scared to even do exercises on my Wii for fear of sounding like I'm coming through the ceiling, let alone practice a musical instrument.

Anyways, I'm laying here in the bedroom, trying to watch my favorite teen shows, and all I can hear is our neighbor. And I'm not saying I just hear him yell. I can hear him sneeze. I'm pretty sure I could even hear him yawn. Most of the time he's not too bad and keeps to him self, but every now and then he has a um, lady friend, that stays for DAYS. I haven't completely decided where she comes from and what her relationship is with said neighbor because I was pretty convinced he wasn't really interested in girls. I don't have the best gaydar ever, but he's sending off some strong vibes. Back to the woman; she is the LOUDEST talker ever, which is even louder through paper thin walls. And when she's in town, they always fight. Like one time when she screamed at him that she 'boils her blood for him'. Ryan and I are still trying to figure that one out.

I think the lesson here for everyone is that if you live in an apartment building, more than likely your neighbor can hear you. And you never know, that neighbor could be blogging about you....

Rise and Run!

Yesterday was a beautiful rainy evening in New York. I didn't care though. Somebody (me) had gotten up early yesterday morning and finished their 4 mile run BEFORE work. Yep, one small victory for me. It felt so good too. I kept thinking all day, 'I've already done my run'. I didn't have to worry about fitting it in last night.

There was unfortunately no repeat of that this morning. I guess I'll be out this evening doing my 6 miles. I would really love it if I could get into the groove of getting up early. I've even read about some people that sleep in their running clothes so that they can just get up and go. I'm not sure that I'm quite there yet, but it does sound tempting. Anything to make getting out of bed a little easier.

People seem to believe in my ability to finish this race, which is super motivating to me. I got another awesome donation, so I'm up to $140. I really appreciate all of it and hope that I can make my goal of $500. Joints in Motion is such a great cause!


I have work to do now (I guess that's what they're paying me for here). Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Week!

Last week was crazy. I was at home in Louisville wrapping up the never ending wedding details, while also enjoying my 2 bridal showers and bachelorette party. It was a great week, but I felt perpetually exhausted, mostly due to my ever existent insomnia. Oh insomnia, how I hate you. You make it so difficult to get through the days, and force me to lay there in boredom at night as the minutes tick by...

Because of all of that, I only got about 10 of my 24 miles in last week. Not so great. But as the ever optimistic person that I am, this will be a better week. Yesterday I was still in recuperation mode, so no running for me. But after 2 sound nights of sleep, I feel more confident that I will complete my 4 mile run tonight.

I got another awesome donation for Joints in Motion! That puts me up to $90- only $410 more to reach my goal. If you'd like to help this great cause and give me more motivation to get running, click on the link below.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joints in Motion

One of my goals for running this marathon (in addition to actually making it across the finish line alive) was to also raise money for a charity. I wanted to find one that meant something to me, so when I came across Joints in Motion, I felt like it was a good fit.

Joints in Motion (JIM) is part of the Arthritis Foundation. It is the athletic program that raises money for awareness to fight arthritis. I chose JIM because of my grandfather, Bop (the loving nickname that my brother gave him). I always knew Bop as someone that was so loving and caring with a great sense of humor. He was the kind of person that would do anything for you. In his later years, he developed really bad arthritis, especially in his hands, that was very painful and uncomfortable for him. I remember that even through all of that, he was still sitting there with a big smile on his face. He never seemed to let anything get him down.

A few years ago, I was told that I had rheumatoid arthritis in my knee. Luckily right now it's not too bad, although every now and then it will get a little painful.

I want to run this race for Bop and help to raise money for Joints in Motion in honor of him. My goal is $500.00
I got my first donation last night from my loving finace, who I wish could have known Bop.

If you're interested in helping, everything is greatly appreciated. Please click on the link below. I will also probably start posting this link in most of my blog posts to keep the momentum going.

Donation site: http://PNWJointsInMotion.kintera.org/wannaberunner

If you'd like to check out more about Joints in Motion, see the link below:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today's Run: Part One

Today, I found out how mailmen felt. I'm in Kentucky this week staying at my parent's house. I went out for my run today thinking how nice it would be to run in a neighborhood and not fight any people or traffic. What I didn't think about was a few of the other obstacles that I might endure:

1- It's hot. Not New York hot, but Kentucky hot, which is a whole other beast of its own. The air is humid and I immediately found it next to impossible to breathe. Also, when checking the weather, I saw that it was a pleasant 73 degrees so I felt that it was still a nice temperature to run in. Not so much. That leads me to point #2.

2- Neighborhoods (at least my parent's) have no sidewalks, only super hot, sun reflective black top. This makes the pleasant 73 degrees now a blazing 100 (that's what if felt like as I was running).

3- Cities have lots of dogs. Dogs are everywhere. However, dogs in cities are on leashes. Dogs in neighborhoods are not. There were 2 Cujo's locked up behind a gate that were not pleased with me being in their territory, followed by another dog that trying to decide if I was a threat or not. Luckily, he decided that I wasn't and ran back to his house.

Needless to say, this run attempt was a no-go. Now I know to only venture out either early in the morning or in the evening. I will try again this evening.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Week

It has been such a busy week that I haven't taken the time to post that I should have. I had a wedding to go to and then my bridal shower (which was so fun!). I've also been running wedding errands, so it's been busy busy.

I'm going to be completely honest right now and say that I didn't get my 10 mile run in this weekend (don't yell, Megan). I feel really bad about it, but with all of the stuff going on, there was just no time to do it.

I flew into Louisville on Friday night. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm highly claustrophobic, especially on airplanes. As I'm boarding the plane, I realize my good fortune that I'm in the single 'A' aisle which is great because then I don't have to share. Also, my 'carry on' is fully beyond the plane regulated size and I'm hoping to discreetly shove it under the seat without any pushback from the flight attendants.
As I'm making my way back, I notice that I don't seem to be getting any closer to my seat the farther that I go. Then I see it, seat 18 A, right by the bathroom. And yes, it was as awful as you would think it would be. On the itty bitty plane in the itty bitty seat sitting smack dab next to the super disgusting bathroom. I swear I've never seen so many people have to use the bathroom before the flight. I had to place a scarf over my face and wait for my drugs to kick in. Which they did big time....and they continued to work for quite a while after the plane landed... There was no way I was getting up early after all of that.

Tomorrow is a new day though, and I fully intend to get up bright and early, or at least somewhat early and do a slightly longer regular week run. I'm thinking somewhere in the 5-6 mile range. Since I'm staying with my parents this week, I get to take advantage of running in their neighborhood, which has plenty of hills. I think it will fully help to prepare me for the Seattle hills.

If you don't see miles posted up here by tomorrow afternoon, I fully invite you to yell at me.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday was a really busy day so I didn’t get around to posting. Ryan and I had a great brunch, did a little shopping, and took the dogs to the dog park. I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter/Sunday.

Yesterday was also a great day because I was FINALLY feeling better for the first time in a week. I had my 8 mile run to finish yesterday and there couldn’t have been a more perfect day weather-wise to do it. I ran to the park, as usual, and made it back up again to the beautiful reservoir, except this time I made it all the way around. At about 3 miles into it I was feeling a little tired. I don’t think I had eaten enough before setting out and was feeling fatigued. Luckily I had packed some Block Shots (or whatever they’re called) so I ate a few of those. 4 miles into it I was feeling better. Halfway there! For these longer runs, I think I’m going to have to invest in one of those water bottle belt things. I think they look kindof funny on, but I would’ve killed for some water through my run. I know it’s going to be very important to stay hydrated for my upcoming long runs.

Anyways, happy Monday. This post was a bit boring. Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting soon!

Oh- did anyone watch the first baseball game of the season? Poor Yankees. I’m so excited though because I have tickets to see the Yankees play the Red Sox again next month!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 4

This has been a pesky little cold, refusing to go down without a fight, which pretty much sabotaged my week 4 of training. Even though I work for a hospital, I really don't like going to the doctor. However, after a week of sniffles, sneezing, and coughing, I may give in and go today.

The weather was so nice yesterday that I went on my first run in 8 days. I didn't want to push myself too much, so I just did a little over 3 miles with a decent pace of 9.05.

I'm going to take a break today, and then do my long run of 8 miles tomorrow. I'm hoping to do it in the park, but with it being Easter, I'm afraid it'll be super crowded.

Happy Easter tomorrow!