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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Lesson About City Life

For those of you that have never lived in an apartment building, I envy you. You probably run around your house, loving all of your extra space, maybe even doing cartwheels in your living room just because you can. I on the other hand, live in a shoe box. Yes, I chose to live in this rather expensive shoe box, and now I get all of the joys that go with it. Case in point: I am currently confined to the bedroom because tonight is the NFL Draft, as well as tomorrow and apparently Saturday. I've been forced to watch the finale of 16 and Pregnant on my laptop because our DVR is commandeered by Ryan for the evening.

I believe that New York apartments were built with absolutely no insulation to drown out the noise of your neighbors. In Brooklyn we had neighbors that I lovingly deemed the 'wife beater' because nearly every night you felt like you were in their living room, as the man screamed and screamed. If physical violence ever took place, I'm not completely sure, but I was closer to it than I cared to be. Oh ghetto of Brooklyn, how I miss you!

Then there's our apartment in the city. Most of the people in the building are fairly quiet, minus the birds that chirp loudly by the stairs and the person that plays the piano (how do you even get a piano into an old apartment building like this?). I'm too scared to even do exercises on my Wii for fear of sounding like I'm coming through the ceiling, let alone practice a musical instrument.

Anyways, I'm laying here in the bedroom, trying to watch my favorite teen shows, and all I can hear is our neighbor. And I'm not saying I just hear him yell. I can hear him sneeze. I'm pretty sure I could even hear him yawn. Most of the time he's not too bad and keeps to him self, but every now and then he has a um, lady friend, that stays for DAYS. I haven't completely decided where she comes from and what her relationship is with said neighbor because I was pretty convinced he wasn't really interested in girls. I don't have the best gaydar ever, but he's sending off some strong vibes. Back to the woman; she is the LOUDEST talker ever, which is even louder through paper thin walls. And when she's in town, they always fight. Like one time when she screamed at him that she 'boils her blood for him'. Ryan and I are still trying to figure that one out.

I think the lesson here for everyone is that if you live in an apartment building, more than likely your neighbor can hear you. And you never know, that neighbor could be blogging about you....


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