I wanna be a lot of things, and for now, it's a runner.
This is my story as I train for the 2010 Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rise and Run!

Yesterday was a beautiful rainy evening in New York. I didn't care though. Somebody (me) had gotten up early yesterday morning and finished their 4 mile run BEFORE work. Yep, one small victory for me. It felt so good too. I kept thinking all day, 'I've already done my run'. I didn't have to worry about fitting it in last night.

There was unfortunately no repeat of that this morning. I guess I'll be out this evening doing my 6 miles. I would really love it if I could get into the groove of getting up early. I've even read about some people that sleep in their running clothes so that they can just get up and go. I'm not sure that I'm quite there yet, but it does sound tempting. Anything to make getting out of bed a little easier.

People seem to believe in my ability to finish this race, which is super motivating to me. I got another awesome donation, so I'm up to $140. I really appreciate all of it and hope that I can make my goal of $500. Joints in Motion is such a great cause!


I have work to do now (I guess that's what they're paying me for here). Have a great day!


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