I wanna be a lot of things, and for now, it's a runner.
This is my story as I train for the 2010 Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Running Advice

Remember when your mom warned you not to swim until 30 minutes after you ate? Well that should apply to running too.
I thought an hour would be sufficient time to wait after enjoying leftover homemade vegetable enchiladas before running. I was grossly mistaken.
It all started well and good. I set my Nike app to a 5K and headed towards the park. About 2K into it (how far is that anyways?), the feeling hit. I won't go into detail about what the feeling was, but it wasn't a good one. I found myself on the far side of the park praying for a pedicab to pull up next to me and peddle me home. You know I had to feel bad to actually want a pedicab.
I had no choice but to start walking, so I did for about .5K. I started feeling a little better so I gave running a try again. Then pain. Then a little bit of running. Then lots of pain. I ended up walking almost the entire remaining 2 miles.
Lesson learned. Eat light or just don't do it.


Anonymous said...

You have to be more careful. You are doing well, but you have to know when to take it in moderation.

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