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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rave and Rant

I ran an extra 10 blocks today. Well, 11 if you count the one that I had to run back to the apartment. Never ask Ryan what the weather is like. He lies. He said it felt good, aka semi-warm for the winter, so I headed out with bare ears. Big mistake. It took me a half block out to realize that if I kept going I was risking an ear infection, so I ran back and grabbed my toboggan. For all of you Indiana people, a toboggan is a hat, not a sled :).

I have a rave and a rant for the night. My rave is that I feel like running at night in the city allows me to explore parts of it that I might not normally go. I ran a total of 62 blocks tonight uptown. I discovered lots of stores and restaurants that are outside of our 'neighborhood', but still close enough that we could/should walk to. Like another location of our favorite bagels, H&H. And another Barnes and Noble. I would live in Barnes and Noble if they'd let me and I always love finding new locations to browse through.

My rant has to do with people on bikes. More specifically, delivery men on bikes. Now I've definitely had my share of food delivered to me because I was too lazy to go out, so I appreciate what they do. However, I am finding it increasingly hard to not push them over when they ride on the sidewalk (which they aren't supposed to do) or almost run over me when I have a walk sign. During tonight's run, I think I almost go hit 5 different times. I don't know how it is in other big cities, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves here. Well, them and the annoying rickshaw guys. Try running in the park without being hit by one of them!

Ok, that's all for tonight. All in all, a good 4 mile run. Tomorrow's my running day off and then a long run on Saturday. It's going to be a busy weekend! Lots of wedding stuff to get done. Yay!


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