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This is my story as I train for the 2010 Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Road ID

I think companies should pay me money to endorse their products. I'd be the best endorser ever, like a race car driver with Tide plastered all over my car. Until then, I guess I'll just do it for free.

Here's a runner's product that I love and helps to keep me nice and safe on my runs. It's called a Road ID (www.roadID.com). It's a great bracelet thing that you engrave with your name, phone number, emergency contact and an optional motivation phrase. Mine says La Bella Vita = a beautiful life. I sometimes look down at the phrase during my runs to remind myself why I'm torturing myself. I suggest you come up with something really motivational like, You can do it! or Never give up! or something similarly as encouraging. It might even help to wear it all the time so that on days when you can't remove yourself from the couch you'll feel guilty every time you look at your wrist. See, great endorsement.

So rest assured mom, if anything were to happen to me, the cops would know who to call (just kidding).


Ryan said...

It always makes me feel good that they will be able to ID the body without using dental records.

I'm kidding (sort of). I'm happy you wear it. It does make me feel better when you run that you are wearing it. Although if I was really worried I guess I should be running with you.

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