I wanna be a lot of things, and for now, it's a runner.
This is my story as I train for the 2010 Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worst. Run. Ever.

Today it rained. Actually, today the heavens opened up and released the motherload of all torrential downpours on the city. This wouldn't necessarily have mattered so much except that my friend Megan is in town. We had made plans to go for a run in Central Park, and apparently where she's from, rain doesn't seem to be a big deal to run in. I, on the other hand, did not agree. I don't have running clothes for rain. I have cotton, which for those of you that don't know, tends to absorb water. Oh, and it was cold, so I wore a tobogan, but not a really great running tobogan. No, it was a super water absorbant one.

Once dressed, we set out for the park. About 3 blocks into it I wanted to die/cry. That is when the yelling first began. I was instructed to run through the pain/tears/rain/wind and that it would get better once we got to the park. She was partially right. The wind wasn't quite so bad, but I still wasn't too pumped about the whole situation. I did learn something though. I guess when I've been training, I try to run at too fast a pace and then get tired and have to walk. Walking was not an option this time...at all, even after I pointed out that the Seattle marathon is a walk/run marathon. This is where the yelling continued. I was given a very motivating speech and I'd like to say that it kicked my butt into gear, but I'd be lying. While on the surface, everything that Megan was saying made sense, like, 'work through the pain',' you're mind is thinking too much', 'you're coming up with too many excuses', etc etc. However, I'm used to just running with me, myself, and I, and the 3 of us usually think that we can't do it, so it's kindof difficult to just change that mindset.

In the end, I was really glad that we did it. I was soaked and tired, but very proud of myself. Now I know where I stand with my training and I need to get my butt into gear if I want to survive across the finish line. I even went and bought some better running gear in case I find myself in a rain storm again.

(I did cut a deal with Megan that if I finished, I got to put her picture up, so in a way, I win!)
If you're reading this Megs, I love ya, and hopefully you won't get a chance to yell at me in June!


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