I wanna be a lot of things, and for now, it's a runner.
This is my story as I train for the 2010 Seattle Rock N' Roll marathon.

Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend was my 6 mile run. I'm still in week 2 of my training so that it finishes exactly in time with race day. I finally took the time to sync all of my music from my old iPhone to my new one. Not having to run to Lifehouse's depressing ballads anymore is a plus. I made what I think is a pretty kick-butt workout mix. I think I've always been pretty good at making awesome mixes like road trip mixes and spring break mixes. I think I even gave Ryan a mixed CD when we first started dating, which I'm pretty sure he loves. Here are some of the songs that I added:

-Womanizer- Britney Spears (actually any Britney will do)
-Just Dance- Lady Gaga (most Gaga will do too)
-Shake It- Metrostation
-Tik Tok- Kesha

The Nike app lets you choose a Powersong. This is a song that you push to play whenever you feel like death is imminent and nothing will get you going other than that one song. So what did I pick? The Glee anthem, Single Ladies by Beyonce. It's just so catchy. And every time that I hear it I think about that hilarious episode of Glee and the football players. So good.

Anyways, the Nike app also has this great feature where you can set a custom distance for your run, and then it will tell you at every mile interval how far you've gone and how much further you've got to go. Sure beats pulling the iPhone out every 5 minutes to check my distance!

Since my run was a little longer this weekend, I decided to try a new route. I ended up by the Reservoir in Central Park. It's so beautiful there, and about 5 degrees cooler since you're right on the water. The loop around has got to be like 8 miles or something and I wasn't about to attempt that this weekend, so I went for about 2 miles and then looped back out.

On a final note, I set my personal best pace at an 8:12 minute average mile. While out in the park, I was even passing people. I should mention that these people were walking, but that's not the point. The point is that I wasn't walking, so basically I rock.

Got any song suggestions to add to my playlist? Mine are getting a little tired, but since I don't listen to the radio, I don't ever hear new music.


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